Covid’s self-healers will summon the black fungus

Health experts say that self-treatment of Covid in homes without receiving expert advice can cause black fungus. Experts point out that while the government has advised covid patients with mild symptoms to continue treating their homes, many people buy and treat themselves without properly understanding the condition.

Commonly used drugs such as tocilizumab and other steroids can reduce patients’ immunity and use such drugs without a doctor’s supervision can cause covid-related mucormycosis (black fungus). ‘Many people use medicines without a doctor’s prescription. There are even those who use steroids for three to four days of their own volition after being confirmed by Covid. This is a serious situation’, IMA chief Dr Rc Srikumar said.

Prescription is not compulsory for such medicines and is easily available from medical stores. But steroid use can affect the patient’s blood sugar level. It reduces immunity and can cause black fungus to occur. Steroids should be used in the right patient at the right time. Blood sugar needs to be checked accurately this time. Dr Srikumar said many people using steroids have no idea about the blood sugar level and are endangering their own lives.

So far, 20 black fungus cases have been detected in the state. The disease is most common in people with severe diabetes.  People who have been in the ICU for a long time and taken steroids, those who use immunosuppressive drugs, diabetic patients, cancer patients, those taking medicines after transplants, and HIV sufferers should be more careful. The fungus enters the body in conditions where diabetes is uncontrolled, so sugar levels should be kept controlled.

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