Following certain rules before cooking begins will fill you with positive energy

The opulence of the house should start with the kitchen. The custom is to enjoy food while cooking. The most important of the most active kitchens is the stack and order. It is said that following certain rules before cooking begins will fill you with positive energy.

The crystal salt prevents all forms of energy and is pleasing to Lakshmi. In the morning, put a spoon of crystal salt in a glass, fill it with fresh water and place it in the northeast corner of the kitchen. Don’t forget to replace it the next day and fill it with new crystal salt. This way can prevent adverse energy in the kitchen to some extent.

Today, most houses do not burn firewood, so burn camphor on the southeast side of the kitchen and feed it with a small coconut, ghee and Jaggery. This ceremony is good for Ganesha and fills the house with positive energy.

It is said that the health condition of the members of the house can be understood from the kitchen.

Cleaning is as important as cooking. Keep only the utensils that are always used without making the kitchen an exhibition space. Protect utensils, shelves, etc. without holding dust and grime.

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