Friends Reunion ; A bitter sweet emotional roller-coaster ride

The Friends Reunion special episode is finally out, and it will give you an emotional roller-coaster ride. In the  two-hour special video , main cast of the popular show get together in the same place after 17 years, It is designed for the fans.

Actress Trisha is getting married; Actress Charmi messaged that it was her last birthday as a bachelor

Ross Geller and Rachel Green, revealed that the two were “crushing hard on each other” during first season t but fate had some other plans it played spoilsport and they eventually fell into the ‘the one that got away’ cliche.

James Corden hosted the interview section of the show. He barely does a decent job as a host of his own late night show. The questions he asked were standard and uninteresting . The Friends Reunion episode will ‘get you’ only if you are a massive friends fan. As a viewer who has watched Friends many times over the years but has not gone back to it in the last three-four years you will be satisfied  satisfied.

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