If you want a wrinkle free hand do these tips; skin care tips

Hands are also very important in skincare. If you set aside a little time, you can restore the beauty of your hands.

  • Massaging is one of the best care that can be given to the hands at no cost. This will help in increasing the blood circulation in the hands. Before bed, apply moisturizer on your hands, massage them, and then wear socks in your hands,  this will make your hands softer.
  • If chemicals have to be used, you must wear gloves. Be careful not to over-contact with detergents. Detergents can cause dry and itchy hands.
  • Scrub with lemon juice and sugar to enhance the color of your hands or apply milk powder, lemon juice, and honey to your hands.
  • People with dry skin should avoid using soap on their hands. It can be used as a paste in the form of chickpea powder and coconut oil.
  • You can apply lukewarm oil or glycerin and rose water to soften your hands.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your hands before going out.
  • The potato can be applied in paste form to remove the black spots on the hands. The use of cucumber and Lemon juice will also pay off.
  • Another major problem is wrinkles in the hands. Wrinkles are commonly seen in older people and those who are exposed to more sunlight. This can happen to any age group if the hands are not cared for properly. Moisturizing, massaging, and drinking plenty of water every day can keep wrinkles at bay to some extent. It is also advisable to add honey and vitamin E capsule and apply it to your hands.

Some of the ingredients that can be applied by hand are olive oil, coconut oil, cucumber juice and glycerin, lemon juice and olive oil, orange juice and honey, a tablespoon of glycerin and a teaspoon of lemon juice.

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