Bad breath in children???? Here is the solution forever!!!!

Bad breath in children can cause you to lose sleep in many ways. But the reasons behind this are often incomprehensible. Moreover, every parent should take care to solve these problems in children. Dental health and mouth impurity in children often develop these problems. Everyone should be careful to solve it.

The following methods can be taken in terms of the baby’s health and eliminating bad breath.

Healthy eating habits

Care should be taken to develop healthy eating habit in children.  Reduce sugar to the maximum in your baby’s diet. Snacks and soft drinks all have a detrimental effect on tooth health. Therefore, avoid such foods and include saliva-boosting foods like oranges, brown rice, nuts, fish, etc. in your diet.


Fennel is great in terms of health care. But it’s good for health as well as for treating bad breath in children. Give the baby a small amount of fennel in between. It’s good to buy and serve cumin candy. It cures bad breath and increases the production of saliva.


Citrus Fruits

Fruits can be given to the baby as much as they want. It increases the oral health of the baby as well as improves the physical health of the baby. This can cause a variety of healthy changes in the body. Moreover, the baby’s mouth increase saliva production. This can eliminate the crisis of bad breath.


Cardamom is another way to fight bad breath. The baby can be given water boiled with cardamom. Cardamom is great for addressing health-challenging discomforts in every way. This can be boiled in water and given to the baby to drink. It also helps in providing health and shine to the teeth.

Neem stems

Neem Stem is better than brushing your teeth with paste and so on. This can use instead of brush with paste for kids. It eliminates the baby’s bad breath once and for all and relieves bacterial problems by giving health and shine to the teeth. By doing this every day gives your baby’s teeth healthy and shine.


We can also eliminate bad breath in children with tulsi. Tulsi is very helpful in terms of dental care. Therefore, remedying these condition is better for your baby’s health. The children can be given two or three drops to chew. It helps in tooth health, eliminating gum disease and prevents flatulence

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