Black fungus;Let’s be careful with WhatsApp doctors

Black fungus, the dictionary of modern medicine did not have such a name. Instead, we called it mucormycosis (‘Mucormycosis’).

Mucormycosis is not a common disease among Malayalees. Fungal infections usually affect humans when our immune system is weakened. Like other fungal diseases, spores of mucormycosis are abundant in our atmosphere, especially in the soil. It is a form of the life cycle of mould. It can survive bad weather, heat and cold, and survive in the atmosphere without the need for food, air or water.

These spores usually enter our bodies through our breath. Such spores, which are blocked by obstacles in the passages of breath, are ruthlessly excreted by an inimitable man. Rarely can he enter his body through small wounds on some people’s nose or airways? But the body’s immunity can destroy them. But in those who are less immune, these particles grow and transform into Hyphae.

Diabetes is the most important of the conditions in which immunity is reduced. These fungi are deadly not in people with minor diabetes but patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

Mucormycosis can also be seen in other immune-depleting conditions. For example, people who are suffering from blood cancer, taking treatment for chemotherapy, having bone marrow transplantation, those who have had transplants and those suffering from HIV are at risk of contracting the disease.

Why in covid patients??

However, how mucormycosis, which is not seen by many in Kerala among the above patients, comes up in covid patients. It may be a lack of immunity or the destruction of blood vessels by the covid (microangiopathy, thromboembolism). A covid patient has to be given an asteroid. There were allegations that steroid treatment was responsible for the fungus outbreak. But he has to be treated with steroids when he is more affected. Due to such covid infection, changes in the blood vessels and tissue in the body may be due to the present mucormycosis.

The disease is usually in the nose, sinuses and eyes. (RHINO-SINO-ORBITAL) grew up there, destroyed blood vessels, destroyed body parts (Tissue necrosis), and destroyed bones through veins and blood vessels. It is in those who are like this that the illness becomes more acute and more difficult to treat. Sometimes he can cross his nose and throat and enter his lungs. But not so common.

Since these spores are present in the atmosphere, the only way is to prevent them from entering. The only way to prevent this is to wear masks. But using the same mask over and over again without washing or replacing it can cause this disease. The mask should be washed clean or fresh to use each time. Take off the mask used on the first day, washed or not. Use again on the fifth day. When replacing masks, they should be stored in a moist, warm and light place.

People with diabetes and those whose immunity is weakened due to various reasons may be advised to take extra precautions.


Facial fluid, fluid around the eyes, cranial nerve palsy, diplopia, headache, runny nose, nasal congestion, blackening of the nose or between the nose and eyes. See a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

And do not misunderstand that all headaches are mucormycosis. Mild headaches and nasal congestion are common, especially after covid. That’s not all black mould.

It is a very rare disease. So there is no need to be afraid. But be careful. Whether it is covid or mucormycosis, it must be treated. This is because it is best to detect such symptoms early.

Let’s be careful with WhatsApp doctors

1. It’s not that steaming alone should prevent this illness. It’s now a habit to put all the things you see in your eyes and steam them. WhatsApp doctors are also a lot to grow it. But this should be avoided. Do not steam unnecessarily. Do not put things in it that you hear and don’t hear when you steam. Just salt and water. Steam so that you don’t suck like an intoxicating substance, but usually exhale. (just breath in and out)

2. It is not a contagious disease. It is not transmitted from one person to another.

3. This disease does not affect everyone who comes to covid. But those with weakened immune systems for a variety of reasons should beware.

4. There is a definite treatment for this disease and there is medicine.

5. This is not a new disease. It has been a disease here for ages. However, there has been a significant increase in the number of cases during the covid period.

6. This illness has nothing to do with the covid vaccine. Those who have been vaccinated are more likely to avoid such illnesses

7. Not all headaches after covid exist mucormycosis.

8. Black fungi found in water and bread does not necessarily cause mucormycosis. It is not through such means that the disease enters us. The disease enters as spores in the air and soil that we cannot see with our eyes.

9. Our immune cells destroy these spores as soon as they reach the inside.

10. . This is not an illness that comes only to those suffering from covid. The riskier it is for those who have been suffering from diabetes uncontrolled for a long time (uncontrolled diabetes). So those who have failed in their diabetes treatment should take note.

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