R. Aswin on IPL 2021 withdrawal; Mental tension ,unable to sleep after family tested COVIDpositive

MUMBAI: Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has clarified his reason for leaving the IPL midway and returning home. Everyone in the star’s family was suffering from covid. Ashwin said he had even lost sleep for the safety of his family members. In fact, few of my cousins also got admitted and were serious and they somehow recovered,” said Ashwin on his Youtube channel.

“I couldn’t sleep for almost 8-9 days. Since I couldn’t sleep, it was really stressful for me. I was playing matches without getting any sleep. And since I found it really taxing, I had to quit IPL and go home midway.

“In fact, when I left, around that time, I had thoughts on whether I will be able to play cricket thereafter. But still, I did what was required at that point in time.” The premier India spinner said he was considering returning to the IPL as his family members started getting better but the tournament was eventually suspended.

“I thought there won’t be any cricket for some time. Even IPL got postponed. In between, when people in my house started recovering, I thought of coming back into the IPL and that’s when IPL was called off,” he added.

Ashwin is currently serving his 14-day quarantine with the Indian team ahead of the UK tour comprising the World Test Championship final against New Zealand and five Tests against England.


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