You can own a private Island in Maldives;Maldives Private Island Auction

Do you want to own a private island in the Maldives, which is referred to as a tourist paradise? Then get ready.

The Maldives government is going to auction 16 islands on a 50-year lease. The islands of this paradise are prepared for sale with strict conditions, not to be purchased immediately. Island buyers should also be prepared to build a resort there.

Corona has had a serious impact on the economy of the Maldives, where tourism is the main source of income. The government’s new move is aimed at recovering the country’s lost wealth. Those who win the auction have a tenure of 36 months to start the construction of any project. You will also get a five-year resident visa.

Conditions as follows

Trees cannot be cut down or so on during construction without the written approval of the Tourism Department. The condition that if a tree is cut down, two should be planted at its site also applies. Infrastructure should be constructed within a radius of five meters or 16 feet away from vegetation to protect the environment. You can contact the Ministry of Tourism for more information. ([email protected])

The islands for sale include Meemu Atoll near Malay, the capital city where the international airport is located, and a cluster in Tha Atoll on 42 acres. The islands with beautiful beaches are full of beautiful views of nature and can get a closer look at the depths of the sea.

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