Moles are said to have a great connection with our lives

According to astrology, moles have a great deal to do with our lives. It is said that the moles on each side of the body are unique and that it is possible to determine luck and misfortune.

Most people see moles close to their eyes. The mole on the right eyelid refers to wealth. These people have a feeling that they are great.

Those with moles on the left will live a very normal life. These people feel inadequate for money. Those with moles on the upper eyelids will be lucky and wealthy. Those who have a mole inside their lower eyelids will be unfortunate and face a lot of problems.

Those with moles on their right eyes are easy to earn wealth. Even if they are not involved in employment or business, they can easily get their wealth. If the other is in the left eye, the person will be arrogant and proud.

If the mole is visible in the eyelid, the person will be peace-loving.

Between the eyebrows and the eyes is a leader and close to their family


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