Shobhana shares a new dance video gone viral in a short time

Shobhana shares a new dance video. The video is shot by the star’s daughter Anantha Narayani. Shobhana interestingly noted that the video was shot by Narayani, who is not yet in Insta. Through the new video, Shobhana teaches how to use seals in dance. Shobhana has shared some dance classes on social media before.

The video has gone viral in a short time. Along with the star’s steps, the enthusiasts also praised Narayani’s illustration prowess. The responses are that the child videographer is very talented. Shobhana also replies to comments.

Shobhana’s video, which was recently investigating her daughter’s studies, went viral. The video showed her asking her daughter where the book was and if she had not completed the lessons. Shobhana and Narayani’s videos are being discussed among fans in a short span of time.

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