Want a good sex life? Then good-sleep is mandatory

what’s most important to good sex life? You know the answer, good sleep. Yes, good sleep is the most necessary thing in one’s good sex life.

According to the American Menopause Society, the sex life of women with good energy and sleep disorder is disappointing. This can lead to conditions like “sleep sex” or “sexsomnia”

There are many factors that help make sex life good. Good food, exercise, and good health are the biggest factors in great sex life. According to the Michigan Medical School, one’s sex life is 14% better every time.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine says sleep deprivation is the most important cause of having a bad sex life. As part of this study, 171 women who participated say that good life has improved their sex life. Researchers say that sleep helps to make sex more interesting and sex more unpleasant.


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