49 children in Kerala have lost their parents due to COVID-19

The National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights told the Supreme Court that 49 children in Kerala have lost their parents due to COVID-19. In addition, 895 children lost a parent to the epidemic. Eight abandoned children.

The committee sends the uploaded data to the Bal Swaraj portal by May 29th. A total of 1,700 children across the country have become orphans due to the coronavirus, and 140 children have been abandoned. There are currently 7,400 children in India who have lost a parent.

The state informed the amicus curiae of Gaurav Agarwal that the portal had uploaded data on 1,314 children who lost one of their parents. Four of them were transferred to child care centers.

The state said in a letter from Amicus Curia that steps are being taken to determine the number of other children is in need. The state has developed several measures to protect orphans from the epidemic, including opening a fixed deposit of Rs 3 lakh in their name. The details of the scheme also are included in the note handed over by the state.

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