Popular Actoress Father attacked by a Trespaser

In a tragic incident, a trespasser attacked the father of the popular Marathi actress Sonali Kulkarni with a knife in her apartment. He was slightly injured during the battle.

Police said the trespasser was a fan of the actress. A criminal named Ajay Shegte stuck a pipe into the house. The 24-year-old defendant was the first to step onto the terrace, witnessed by the owner of the house. When the actor’s father confronted the criminal, he pulled out a knife and attacked.

“The man’s motive is being probed. Our primary probe points to him being a fan of the actress. While the family said in their statement that the suspect’s motive was robbery, the only subsequent probe will ascertain the exact cause,” said a Police official. During the investigation, the police found a fake pistol and a knife in the possession of the accused.

It was in May first week, Sonalee Kulkarni had gotten married to chartered accountant Kunal Benodekar in Dubai. The actress is staying there with her husband.

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