Experts say Sex with Robots doesnot have any health benefits

It’s been a long time since there were reports that human bedrooms were going to be conquered by sex robots. Recently, an American company announced that it would market male sex robots with artificial intelligence and six packs.

But is there any good with these sex robots? No, according to a report published in BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health. The study was led by Dr Chantelcox of St George’s University Hospital in Britain and Dr Bewley of King’s Hospital London. According to their study, sex with robots does not have any health benefits.

No such study had yet been conducted on the physical relationship between sex robots and humans. So this study started from zero. Noel Sharkley, professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield, says no complete study has yet emerged of this relationship between humans and robots.

There has been a huge demand for sex robots recently. Julie Carpenter, a research student at California Polytechnic State University, says that sometimes more drawbacks can be detected only if it is used by humans. Many people started asking doctors for their opinion on using sex robots and they started studying it.

It was initially decided to market sex robots as safe sex and to help those who did not have partners. But then it was reaching more people. A leading sex doll manufacturer says that their sex dolls can give anything a man expects. They also claim that their top sex doll, ‘Rocky’, will even give them love and support.

But most people say that sex dolls can never give emotional intimacy between people. Moreover, some say that it can lead to isolation for human beings. Sex robots are in great demand in big cities. Those who don’t want partners are more interested in sex dolls. These dolls, controlled by computer programs, are a relief to people with disabilities and patients. They help to meet their physical needs. Many people suggest that sexual intercourse with robots is always available and easy.

Hundreds of doubts arise about sex robots from all corners of the world. Robotics expert Noel Sharkley says they have such concerns. Recently, a brothel was started in London using sex dolls. But Richardson, who is studying in this field, says he doubts that such artificial substances can stimulate humans. However, experts say more studies are needed on sex robots and humans.


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