Hibiscus – Aloevera Shampoo for Hair growth

Hair loss is something that happens in everyone. But it should be noted that its level swells exponentially and the inside of the hair decreases. There are many reasons behind hair loss. Self-redressal can be achieved if it is external and lifestyle-related reasons.

Natural methods can be tested if it is the initial stage of hair loss. Aloe vera-Hibiscus shampoo is the best of these. This shampoo, which can be made very easily at home, helps to give hair strands strength and shine.

Two Hibiscus flower petals and a cup of aloe vera gel are required to make shampoo.


Take the petals of the Hibbiscus leaf and mix them with aloe vera gel. This mixture can be applied to the scalp and hair.


Keep it in a bottle and seal if there is any left. After 45 minutes, you can wash your head with warm water. This can be done three times a week.

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