Mia Khalifa poses with Nazi-era champagne, bashes ‘apartheid’ Israel

Mia Khalifa is not going to refuse to share her opinion on social networks. Despite criticism, she has not stopped posting anti-Israel messages on social media following the recent conflict between the Jewish state and Hamas in Gaza. And it looks like her social media campaigns aren’t over yet. She recently tweeted pictures of Israeli politics.

Khalifa posted a photo of herself enjoying some wine, captioning the picture, “My wine is older than your apartheid ‘state'”. After this, she was trolled mercilessly about her latest upload about the Gaza-Israel conflict.

Her latest tweet was published less than a month after she called Israeli actress Gal Gadot “genocide barbie” over her pro- Israeli stance amid the massacre in Palestine that killed more than 250 people, including children and women

Following the former PornHub star, the tweet prompted many social media users to urge many social media users to comment on “anti-Semitic” besides drinking “Nazi wine.”

An Israeli supporter while mentioning her on a microblogging site wrote ‘You’re drinking wine made in 1943 Nazi-occupied France while denying thousands of years of Jewish history in our ancestral homeland. Glad you found the perfect pairing for your antisemitism!’.

Many others have accused her of “mocking” Israel when she drank Nazi wine made during the Holocaust.

She has previously spoken out against Israel’s oppression of Palestine during Israeli airstrikes. Mia bluntly blames the United States for helping the Jewish people in a brutal attack that killed at least a dozen people and injured hundreds of the oppressed.

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