Some of the factors pointing to the end of the covid 19 as follows

The natural question is that the covid 19  will end up. Perhaps it is on this subject that the entire scientific community of the world discusses and analyzes.

Let’s look at some of the factors that point to the end of The Covid-19.

On the day when vaccination reaches at least over 50 percent. It is believed that a third immunity will arrive when the figures of those who have fallen ill with or without symptoms arrive. There needs to be clarity on this as the Heard Immunity Thrush Hold is different for each illness.

The higher the vaccination, as much as possible is better.

But It is important to be able to reach this level.

Corona virus has something special. Enter one’s body. And reproduce therein. Go back to the next person. It’s not enough to say variants many times, many, thousands in the midst of this rush.

The virus may go dead at some point as it changes its appearance and appearance. It is believed that the virus had also occurred in SARS before. It must be assumed that neither of these is too far.

Then two things – at least 50 percent of the vaccine.

A virus that is exhausted by genetic variation.

Both of these are a possibility.

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