Corona virus is changing behaviour,Children may be more severely affected

Many of the children currently suffering from covid come with no symptoms. It is very rare for the disease to be severely hospitalized. But Neethi  Aayog member V.K. Paul warned that the nature of coronavirus could change in the third wave and could severely affect children.

The Central Government has already started preparing to deal with such a situation. V.K. Paul also said that a national team has been formed to look into complications in children associated with infection.

There are two types of covid found in children. In the first, the child develops symptoms such as fever, cough and cold. If treatment is delayed at this stage, it gradually turns into pneumonia and the child is rushed to the hospital. But some children may develop long-term covid symptoms two to six weeks after they are infected with covid. A multi-system inflammatory syndrome affecting various organs is what awaits children at this stage. There can be many problems such as fever, swelling, swelling of the eyes, extreme saran, vomiting and bleeding. K. Paul says. He also noted that 2-3 per cent of children affected by covid may need hospitalization.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra, which started declining after the second wave of covid reached its peak, has started preparing for the third wave. During the second wave, 8000 children in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra alone were covid positive in a short period. About 10 per cent of the total covid cases here were in children. Based on this experience, the Government of Maharashtra is preparing special covid care centres for children, additional beds and oxygen facilities.

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