It was the people of Tamil Nadu who made you an actress, don’t forget it; Campaign on Twitter against Samantha in Family Man 2 controversy

Hyderabad: Actress Samantha has been criticized by many after she starred in the family man 2 series to be released on Amazon Prime. Now, on Twitter, a hate campaign called Shame on You Samantha has also been launched against Samantha.

Some tweeted that Samantha was made a well-known actress by the people of Tamil Nadu and she was ungrateful to them. Some other tweets were that Samantha should apologize to Tamils for acting in the series.

Some tweeted that the L.T.T.E was an organization of freedom fighters and  Prabhakaran was its leader and the series hurt the sentiments of Tamils.

Act like a prostitute if you want, but don’t insult Tamils like this. Some even wrote on Twitter that the LTTE was the guardians of a race itself.

There were earlier protests against Samantha for her role in the series.

Samantha comes as a Tamil Puli activist in the series. But the protesters said that the organization was being portrayed as a terrorist organization and Samantha should apologize for playing a character who hurt the sentiments of Tamils.

Tamil director and political activist Seeman came out in protest. Seeman had said that once the web series was released, Samantha, her crew, and Amazon would face the consequences.

Samantha plays the role of Raji in the web series The Family Man-2, which is to be streamed from June 4 on Amazon Prime.

Earlier, when decided to make Muthayya Muralitharan’s life into a film, there was a similar protest. The protest was against Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi acting in the film.

Manoj Bajpai plays the lead character in the series. Manoj bajpai arrives in family man in the role of Srikanth Tiwari, a family member and at the same time an officer of the anti-terrorist force.

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