Mehul Choksi has to be deported to India; Dominica Government

The Dominica government asked the court to send back diamond trader Mehul Choksi, who fled the country after committing loan fraud, to India. The government also informed the High Court that Mehul Choksi drowned in a fraud worth Rs 14,000 crore from the Punjab National Bank.

The central government is moving to get Mehul Choksi released as soon as possible. Fearing being sent to India, Mehul Choksi was caught trying to enter Cuba. Choksi, who was injured, is being treated in hospital.

Following Choks’s arrest, a group of eight men from India reportedly arrived in Dominica. The team consists of 2 officers and CRPF commanders each from the CBI and enforcement directorate. Officials from the Mumbai zone were summoned to Delhi urgently on Friday to be included in the mission.

The private plane sent by India arrived at Douglas-Charles Airport in Dominica on Saturday. The small plane was hired from Qatar to prevent the movements from being made. The Indian team had handed over documents to Dominican public prosecutors in the case of a loan of Rs 13,500 crore from the Punjab National Bank along with his sister-in-law Neerav Modi. The team stays there to bring Choksi as soon as possible if they get a favourable verdict from the court.

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