Trickster cheating fans in the name of Mani Ratnam exposed

Director Manny Ratnam celebrates his birthday today and hope flows from everywhere as fans and celebrities show their love for the brilliant director on social media.

The scammer took the opportunity to gain followers on Twitter by acting on a fake Twitter account named Mani Ratnam. He had posted one tweet saying, “I’m happy to be on Twitter for my birthday. Thank you for all the sweet wishes.” Nearly sixteen thousand users have been tricked into becoming a follower with the impression that he is the main user.

Suhasini Mani Ratnam exposed the imposter by tweeting “@Dir_ManiRatnam is false. Pls spread the word around. There is a person claiming to be @ Dir_ ManiRatnam has tweeted that director ManiRatnam is starting his Twitter account today. It is false. He’s an impersonator.

Over the decade’s Mani Ratnam is famous for guarding his privacy fiercely and never even is comfortable giving media interviews and no way he is going to enter social media is what the message clearly underlines.

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