Bhama Replies Fans question in Instagram; All about family, baby and acting

Bhama is a star who has become a favourite actress with Lohithadas film Nivedyam. In addition to Malayalam, the star also made his presence felt in another language. But the star, who took a break from films after getting married, is busy in the role of homemaker. The actress recently gave birth to a baby girl. But the actress has not shared any details or pictures of her daughter on social media yet.

Now, Bhama is answering questions from fans about staying away from movies, about the baby and the family. The actress answered the questions of the fans through Instagram.

Fans Asked her if she had stopped acting, Bhama replied for the time being. Bhama says the baby is fine with questions about her daughter and it is now six months. The actress also responded to a request from fans to share a picture of her daughter. bhama said she would share pictures of the baby and her baby shower at the appropriate time.

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