Secod Wave of Covid 19 declining in India

Decreases in consecutive days in the spread of the disease, giving a clear indication that the second wave of covid is declining in the country. In the last twenty-four hours, 1,32,364 people have been confirmed by covid. 2713 people died of the virus at this time.

For the eighth consecutive day, the daily number of patients has fallen to less than 2 lakh. Activ cases fell by 77,420 in twenty-four hours. Only yesterday, 2,07,71 people recovered.

In Maharashtra, 15,229 people were diagnosed with the disease yesterday. Maharashtra has recorded a significant decline in the number of covid cases over the past week.

25,617 people were cured yesterday. The deaths of 307 people were confirmed. 2,04,974 people are being treated.

In Tamil Nadu, 24,405 people were newly diagnosed yesterday. 460 people died. 32,221 people have been cured. 2,80,426 people are being treated.

In Karnataka, 18,324 people have been diagnosed with the disease. 514 people died. 24,036 people were cured. 2,86,798 people are being treated.

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