Juhi Chawla Was Trolled With Memes After A Delhi High Court Slapped Her With A Rs 20 Lakh Fine For Her ‘Publicity’ 5G Case

The Delhi High Court fined popular Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla Rs 20 lakh for her protest against the rollout of 5G in India. The complaint was deemed ‘defective and non-maintainable,’ according to the court, who referred to it as a ‘publicity stunt.’ According to the high court’s order, “it appears that the suit was filed for publicity.”

“Plaintiff Juhi Chawla circulated the link of the hearing on social media which created disruption thrice. Delhi Police shall identify the persons and take action against those who created a disruption,” it said.

Speaking to IANS earlier, Chawla said there was a ‘misconception’ that their suit filed was against 5G technology. “We wish to clarify here and once again very clearly state, we are NOT against 5G technology. However, we seek from the Government and the governing authorities, to certify to us and, therefore, to the public at large, that 5G technology is safe to humankind, man, woman, adult, child, infant, animals, and every type of living organism, to flora, and to fauna.”

As soon as the news broke on Indian social media, netizens rushed to create memes to mock the Bollywood star.



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