Sunil Gavaskar describes the current Indian team as the “best ever.”

The legendary Sunil Gavaskar has lavished praise on the Indian cricket team, claiming that the current unit, led by Virat Kohli, is the best ever produced in Indian cricket history. For the fifth year in a row, India has finished as the top-ranked Test team, with five consecutive Test series victories in Australia. Gavaskar made his observation based on the current team’s composition, which includes a long list of match-winners.

“Comparisons are always a little bit difficult but I think this is probably the finest Indian team that we have seen. It’s such a well-balanced team. It’s got champion batsmen, it’s got champion fast bowlers, fabulous spinners. They’ve got a very good wicketkeeper. A young wicketkeeper who is going to dominate world cricket for a long, long time,” Gavaskar said on the Analyst Show on YouTube.

Gavaskar’s viewpoint is likely to divide Indian fans. Over the last few decades, Indian cricket has produced some quality sides, including the one that won the 1983 World Cup, of which Gavaskar was a member, and the team that won the World Championship of Cricket in 1985, which is considered equally formidable. Years later, MS Dhoni led India to a World Cup victory in 2011, a team that the great Sachin Tendulkar described as the best he’d ever been a part of in his over a two-decade career.

However, former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has a valid reason for calling the current Indian team the best ever. “I believe that, based on what I’ve seen since 1960, this is the best Indian team ever. Simply because it is so well-balanced. There isn’t a single flaw. You could say at the top or here and there, but I don’t believe this Indian team has any flaws “Gavaskar drew attention to this.

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