How to identify dermatological symptoms post-COVID

We’ve seen a lot of strange symptoms of the virus over the last year, some of which could linger long after the infection is gone. There are a variety of symptoms that can occur after COVID-19, ranging from poor taste to hair loss. Some experts have now discovered evidence of a symptom that can appear on your nails after you’ve recovered from your illness.

  • Recovery from coronavirus can take a long time, and symptoms may linger for weeks after the virus has been eliminated. Some speculate that some of the symptoms are residual side effects or simply a way for the body to cope with such a massive viral infection.
  • While this is the first time people have heard of this unusual COVID side effect, the nail bed manifestation is known as ‘Beau’s lines’ in medical terms. While it’s unclear exactly what causes Beau’s lines to appear when you have COVID-19, experts believe that extreme stress or illness that affects overall body health can have an impact on the nails
  • .Many factors can cause indentations on the nail bed, including severe illness, viral infections, and comorbidities such as uncontrolled diabetes and some vascular diseases. The nail symptoms, like COVID-19, could be thought of as a way for inflammation to manifest itself on the skin, similar to how other COVID skin symptoms do. Because COVID-19 is a disease that takes longer to heal, it may have a negative impact on nail health. The use of certain medications for an extended period of time can also cause this.
  • Because Beau’s lines are frequently caused by a systemic illness or medications, recovery from COVID-19 is crucial to the resolution of the nail symptom. Some people believe it’s nothing to be concerned about, and that it’s simply a sign that the body has recovered from the nasty infection and is on the mend.

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