Is anyone home? Mira Rajput Has Arrived At Instagram’s Door

Mira Rajput, do you think she likes white? Is it the color black that she prefers? Mira is a fan of both black and white when it comes to her outfit choices, as evidenced by some of her posts. Mira Rajput frequently shares glimpses of her daily outfits, and she has just added another to the list. Mira Rajput was in a black and white mood on Tuesday, so she chose a white shirt with black polka dots on the exaggerated sleeves of her OOTD. Mira Rajput accessorized with a double-strand pearl necklace and her smile, as she is a minimalist. The makeup was flawless, with pink and brown tones.

So, here’s how Mira Rajput prepared for her visit to Instagram today:

“Knock knock,” she captioned her photo. Hello there, Mira. What’s up?

Mira Rajput’s love of black and white is also evident in this look – a white shirt and black blazer paired with denims can never go wrong. With a bright yellow bag, she added a pop of colour to her look.

Mira Rajput’s fashion choices are inspired by a TV fashionista, Moira Rose from the Canadian TV show Schitt’s Creek. Here’s how she captioned one of her black and white outfits:”Gossip is the Devil’s telephone. Best to just hang up. No Schitt I had to do this at The Postcard Hotel, Moira.”

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