There was no notification from the Centre regarding the third Covid wave: Veena George 

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Centre has not notified the state government of the possibility of a third wave of Covid-19, Health Minister Veena George told the assembly on Monday. According to Veena, the government has taken steps to deal with an increase in the number of patients. The reverse quarantine project will be implemented to keep infected patients away from vulnerable communities such as senior citizens, pregnant women, children, cancer and kidney patients, differently-abled people, and heart patients.

The minister also informed the house that the black fungus has affected 63 people in the state so far (mucormycosis). There were 57 Covid patients and six non-Covid patients among them. Six of the 63 were Tamil Nadu natives. She stated that the possibility of black fungus was high among Covid or post-Covid patients.

According to her, the state has seen up to five different types of mucormycosis infection. According to the minister, the second wave of the pandemic primarily affected children. However, the mortality rate among the elderly and those in high-risk categories is high, according to her.

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