Bathing After Sex? No, according to the experts!

Sex isn’t as glamorous as it appears in movies. It’s a shambles, bodily fluids are exchanged, and the climax isn’t as pretty as you would have hoped. Bathing is one of the theories about what you should do after sex. Bathing may make you feel clean and relaxed after a night of love-making, but according to science, it must be done in a specific way or not at all.

Don’t use soap

DON’T USE SOAP: Experts say that after sex, your genital area is swollen as a result of all the action, making it extremely sensitive to the application of soap. The soap contains many chemicals that can cause severe irritation and should therefore be avoided at all costs when cleaning yourself. If you want to take a bath, just use plain water.

Don’t opt for a hot bath

DON’T CHOOSE A HOT BATH: After sex, a hot bath may seem like the best option. Because sex can make you feel happy, calm, and relaxed, a hot bath seems like the ideal way to end it, doesn’t it? Not according to science. According to research, a woman’s vulva swells as a result of sexual stimulation, which can result in the opening of the vagina. When this happens, the lady part becomes vulnerable to infection. As a result, a hot bath can be beneficial.

​What else can you do

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO: Keeping a towel or a paper roll on hand is a good way to clean yourself up after a session of lovemaking. It is better for genital health and gives it time to return to its normal size or shape. Wet tissues, on the other hand, should not be used for this purpose because they contain fragrant chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

Remember to pee

REMEMBER TO PEE: The best way to prevent bacteria from entering your system is to pee immediately after sex. There is no other option, and peeing is your best bet if you want to avoid infections.

​Practice safe sex

PRACTICE SAFE SEX: Wear a condom or use another form of contraception to keep yourself safe. Unsafe sex can result in potentially fatal STDs.

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