Mehul Choksi offered to book hotel rooms and plane tickets  for a relationship. I only desired friendship: Barbara Jarabica | 

Barbara Jarabica, Mehul Choksi’s rumored girlfriend, told India Today TV in an exclusive interview that the fugitive diamantaire had offered to book her hotel stays and pay for her flight tickets. She, on the other hand, wanted them to remain friends and keep their relationship professional.

Jarabica said she went out on coffee meetings, evening walks, and dinners with Mehul Choksi.

“He also came to my apartment. I always wanted to keep the relationship restricted to friendship and business only but he kept offering to book my hotel stays and flight tickets. I, however, rejected the offers because I knew there will be expectations, and then he will misunderstand the relationship,” she said.

She added that “Things, however, took a turn in May as he kept offering to do business with me since he knew that I was into property-related work. He wanted to set up boutique hotels, clubs in Antigua and said he can fund it. So, he kind of made me interested in business.”

“I often joked about it with him since I wasn’t that suspicious at that time. He had like six to eight different numbers in six months. He always texted me as Raj. People on the island and staffers of various restaurants called him Raj. No one actually knew his real name,” said Barbara Jarabica in a 33-minute interview to India Today TV.

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