LLB student makes Porotta for livelihood

Anaswara, the girl who makes porotta at Aarya hotel on Kanjirappally road in Erumeli, has become a social media celebrity. Many people have expressed their admiration for this LLB student after her life story went viral on social media.

Anaswara is from Kuruvamozhi in Erumeli. She lives in a tiny house near a small hotel.
“I began making porotta to assist my mother Subi, who runs the hotel. It eventually became a habit in my life. I had some difficulties at first. But now I can easily make a porotta,” Anaswara explained.

Anaswara’s mother and aunt have been assisting her with her work. Malavika and Anamika, Anaswara’s younger sisters, are also working at the hotel as porotta makers. The two are in grades 6 and 12.

This hotel was started by her grandmother. Later, her mother, Subi, and her sister took over the management of the hotel.

Anaswara, her two sisters, and their aunt’s son are now all actively employed at this small eatery.

Anaswara and her family have been living near the hotel in their ancestral home.
Anaswara is an LLB student in her final year at Al Azhar College in Thodupuzha.

“Previously, my friends used to call me porotta just for fun. But I wasn’t embarrassed by it. I am always proud of what I do for a living. Now, all of my friends are supporting me to keep working. Everyone found out about my life after my story went viral on social media. “Many people are expressing their support for me,” Anaswara said.

“I only have a few months left to finish my course. But I’ll keep making porotta even if I don’t get a job as a lawyer. My mother and family are very supportive of my decision to continue my studies while working at the hotel,” she added.

Members of the Aarya hotel, like everyone else, are experiencing difficulties as a result of the lockdown.

“I worked in a bank during the lockdown. But I gave up. I also taught tuition classes to supplement my income. But, for the time being, Aarya hotel is my main source of income,” Anaswara explained.

“It is not a sin for a boy or a girl to do a good job. I want to live a happy life without being concerned about my job or my circumstances. “I believe that if we live without complaining, life will give you happiness and peace,” Anaswara shared her life lesson.


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