Patanjali mustard oil was discovered to be of poor food quality: Rajasthan’s government

The Rajasthan government claimed on Wednesday that mustard oil sold by Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali was of poor quality.

According to the state government, five samples of mustard oil supplied by Singhania oil mill to Patanjali were tested. All five samples were rejected. They lacked the required standard and quality.

On May 27, the food safety of the mustard oil pouches was tested in the presence of the local administration, according to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Omprakash Meena. The Food Safety and Standards Authority Laboratory in Alwar produced the test report.

Patanjali’s mustard oil pouch and mustard oil bottle, according to Meena, were found to be sub-standard food items. The mustard oil from the Sri Sri Tattva brand produced the same results.

Meanwhile, Parliament brand mustard oil was discovered to be a substandard and fake food item.

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