Rima Kallingal challenges fans to find her in a throwback photo.

The Rajisha Vijayan-starrer ‘Kho Kho’ has been causing quite a stir in M-Town recently. Rima Kallingal, an actor-producer, happened to watch the film and it reminded her of her school days.
The actress recalled her school days and shared fond memories of participating in inter-school sports matches.

“Ever since watching the movie Kho – Kho I have been in throwback mode to school times when sports, training, and inter-school matches were everything. Along with the cultural team practice, Bharath scouts and guides camps, Band training, and what not! Remembering my physical education teachers at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kolazhy – Paapi teacher (who used to be a terror but had a special corner for me  Anilkumar sir and Giridha sir (sic),” Rima Kallingal said in the post.

The actress also asked her fans to identify her in the throwback photo.

Rima Kallingal recently made headlines for her dance video titled ‘Rise,’ which was inspired by Maya Angelou’s famous poem ‘And Still I Rise.’
Rima Kallingal was most recently seen in the Hindi short film ‘Sunny Side Upar.’

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