Tips to prevent back pain

Many suffer from backpain these days , different reasons can cause  backpain, but there need not be any underlying cause. Bad posture, too hard or too soft mattresses, lack of sleep or even a sprain can cause a backache. Here are few things that people can do to prevent back pain.

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Correct your posture 

It is important to maintain a good posture. The spine must be erect at all times. Improper posture cause back pain so keep your shoulders and back always straight.

Place a soft cushion behind your back

If you are sitting for long hours, keep a soft cushion behind your back . It provides you support and comfort.

Keep desktop and laptop at eye level

Don’t bend your neck or back while working on the computer for long hours. Keep the laptop/desktop or phone at the eye level to avoid pain/discomfort in the neck or back.

Simple exercise

Simple stretching exercises and yoga asanas, can keep your back healthy and strong

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