A Tik Tok star has been arrested for sexual assault on a minor girl.

Tik Tok Star was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor girl. Vignesh Krishna (19), a Vadakancherry native, has been arrested in connection with the sexual assault case. He was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting and impregnating a minor.
Vignesh Krishna, who approached the girl via phone, sexually assaulted her under the false promise of marriage. After the girl’s relatives filed a complaint, police launched a search for the tik-tok star. He was later apprehended on the grounds of Thrissur Medical College.

On the orders of CI M K Murali, Vignesh was apprehended by SI Udaykumar and CPOs Ajil and Sajeev. Following his appearance in court, the accused was remanded. After establishing a relationship with the girl, the accused, who rose to celebrity status through social media, assaulted her.

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