Ramdev says that he is going to take the Vaccine COVID-19

Yoga guru Ramdev, who previously stated that he does not require the COVID-19 vaccine because he is protected by yoga and Ayurveda, reversed his position on Thursday, saying he will soon receive the vaccine and referring to doctors as “God’s envoys on Earth.” Ramdev had previously sparked controversy by questioning the efficacy of allopathic drugs against COVID-19, angering the medical community. Now, in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of free vaccines for all beginning June 21, Ramdev called it a “historic” step and urged everyone to get vaccinated.

“Get both vaccine doses as well as the added protection of yoga and ayurveda. They will work together to provide you with such a strong shield of protection that not a single person will die as a result of COVID-19 “In Haridwar, he told reporters. When asked when he would get the vaccine shot, the yoga instructor and businessman replied, “Very soon.” Ramdev also praised good allopathic doctors, referring to them as “God’s envoys on Earth.” In response to the ongoing dispute with the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Ramdev stated that he has no animosity toward any organization. He claimed that all he was against was the exploitation of people in the name of medicine.

“I am not opposed to any organization. Good doctors are a true blessing. They are God’s messengers on Earth. Individual doctors, however, can make mistakes “He stated. He also stated that allopathy is the best option for emergency treatment and surgery. “Allopathy is the best option for emergency care and surgery. There can’t be two ways about it “said Ramdev, who had enraged doctors with his recent remarks about general medicine.

Ramdev’s comments referring to allopathy as a “stupid science” sparked outrage across the country, with several doctors staging protests and even filing police complaints against him. Several organizations, including the Indian Medical Association (IMA), had also filed legal action against him. The IMA had previously accused Ramdev of instilling false fear and frustration in the public so that he could sell his ‘illegal’ and ‘unapproved’ so-called medicines and make money at the expense of the people in a stinging attack.

“In the past too, he (Ramdev) had uttered modern medical doctors as murderers in the presence of the Health Minister himself on the pretext of the release of his wonder drugs…Ramdev deserves to be prosecuted for disobeying and causing danger to the lives of many by making them believe not to take the advice of allopathy drugs. His quote about Favipiravir as medicine against fever/antipyretic is laughable and childish, and demonstrates his in-depth scientific knowledge,” the IMA had said in a statement.

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan had also urged Ramdev to withdraw his derogatory remarks.

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