Sachin Pilot, who will be in Delhi until Sunday, says he has no plans to meet Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi.

Former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot arrived in Delhi on Friday and will remain until Sunday. During his visit, however, the senior Congress leader stated that he has no plans to meet with former party chief Rahul Gandhi or his sister Priyanka Gandhi. The announcement comes on the same day that senior BJP leader Rita Bahuguna claimed she had discussed joining the saffron party with him.

While Pilot refuted Bahunguna’s claims, the Congress leader stated that “She could have talked to Sachin Tendulkar. She lacks the courage to speak to me.” Pilot’s latest visit to Delhi coincides with former Congress leader Jitin Prasada defecting to the BJP in order to boost the saffron party’s prospects ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

Pilot’s latest remarks come amid growing discontent among the Rajasthan Congress’s top leadership. In July last year, the Congress leader openly revolted against the leadership of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, and after a month-long political crisis, the party high command assured him that the issues raised by him would be resolved and formed a committee.

The Pilot camp, on the other hand, claims that the issues remain unresolved and that the committee did nothing.

Meanwhile, Congress MLA Hemaram Choudhary, who had resigned from the Rajasthan assembly, met Pilot at his home during the day. Under Pilot’s leadership, the MLA from Barmer’s Gudhamalani constituency was one of 19 legislators who rebelled against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot last year.

“I resigned after listening to my heart. People may appeal to me to withdraw the decision, but it is for me to decide,” Chaudhary told reporters. The MLA is said to be unhappy with the Gehlot government’s decision to stop development work in his constituency.

Pilot took part in a protest against rising fuel prices in Jaipur before leaving for Delhi, and he said “Economic slowdown, inflation, and unemployment have hit the country hard during the coronavirus pandemic. People have lost jobs and laborers are not getting wages. It is very sad that lakhs of people died, dead bodies were thrown in rivers and every family struggled with the coronavirus, and in such a situation, the government is not taking any steps to control inflation and instead, increasing fuel prices.”


“The way central government did a rollback under pressure on vaccination, I am hopeful that it will do a rollback on petrol, diesel prices as well,” Sachin Pilot added.

Earlier, the Congress leader visited Dausa’s Bhandana village to pay tributes to his father, former Union minister Rajesh Pilot, on the occasion of his father’s death anniversary, according to PTI.

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