The parents of a Kerala man deny that their son hide his partner in a room for ten years.

Days after a bizarre story emerged from Palakkad about a man named Rahman who allegedly kept a woman he was dating in one room for ten years without telling anyone in his family, his parents have accused him of lying. Sajitha claims she lived in one room in Rahman’s house for a decade without anyone in his family knowing about it. After moving into their own home in March of this year, the couple told their story to reporters. Rahman’s parents, on the other hand, are now denying their son’s claims.

When the story first broke on June 8, Rahman told the media that Sajitha would only go to the bathroom through the window in the room at night. He would get her medicines if she was sick, the couple said. Sajitha backed up this story, claiming that Rahman looked after her and that she would just walk around in the room, watch TV with a headset, and only go outside at night for walks. Mohammed Karim and Aathika Rahman, Rahman’s parents, have accused their son of lying and pointed out flaws in his story.

The parents tell TNM that the bars on the window through which Sajitha allegedly went outside to relieve herself or go for walks were removed just three months ago, effectively eliminating the possibility of someone breaking in for the past several years. “How is it possible that we didn’t hear any sound?” they wondered. The parents did admit to the Media One channel that they had only entered the room once, three years ago, when the tiled roof was being repaired. However, they were perplexed as to how Sajitha had gone unnoticed. Rahman claimed that he kept a wooden board in his room and that she hid beneath it.

The small house, they claim, has no ceiling and only a tiled roof. Because the room’s walls do not touch the house’s tiled roof, sound from one room can travel to the other. They claim they haven’t heard anyone else in the room for years, except when Rahman was crying loudly.

Apart from them, the parents claim that Rahman’s sister, her daughter, and Rahman shared the house.

Meanwhile, MC Josephine, Chairperson of the Women’s Commission, told TNM that the couple would be visited after the lockdown and that many aspects of their story were concerning.

“There are some mysteries in the case. We have asked for a report from the Nenmara police station. I view it skeptically that someone has not stepped out for ten years. The family members of the man should be quizzed. There’s also a criminal element in locking down a woman using a lock like this,” MC Josephine pointed out. Josephine is talking about a contraption that Rahman had fixed on the door, which ensured the door locked using a remote and could not be opened from outside.


“It’s also suspicious that she hasn’t had an illness in ten years. It’s unbelievable that such a love exists which requires locking a woman inside a room for ten years. The Commission is planning to visit her once the lockdown is over. The police decided that allowed them to live together is fair, but the mystery of ten years needs to be unraveled,” she added.

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