Following sexual misconduct allegations, Parvathy regrets ‘liking’ rapper Vedan’s apology.

Malayalam actor Parvathy Thiruvothu apologized on her Instagram page on Monday for ‘liking’ rapper Vedan’s apology following sexual misconduct allegations. “I sincerely apologize to the survivors who have bravely spoken out against the accused singer Vedan. I liked his apology post because I believe that many men do not even admit to being at fault. I am well aware that it is not something to be proud of. “I firmly believe that it is critical that the survivors be treated with dignity as they proceed with the case,” she said in her statement.

Parvathy stated that she will always support survivors of sexual crimes. “I removed my “like” as soon as I learned that a few survivors claimed the apology was not genuine. I retract my statement. Whether to forgive and how to heal is always the survivor’s choice, and I will always support them,” she added.

Last week, however, several women came forward with posts accusing him of sexual misconduct. Though he initially tried to dismiss the allegations, Vedan apologized for his misconduct on Saturday in a post on his Instagram id-vedanwithword- and stated that he was willing to admit his mistake. He also apologized to all the women who had been harmed by his actions.

Meanwhile, rapper Vedan, known for his anti-caste songs, has been accused of sexual misconduct by a number of women. Following the allegations, he apologised for his actions. “Looking back and trying to make sense of what happened, I see that the last 11 months have been extremely crowded, with numerous opportunities to network with a large number of new people. I completely lost sight of the care, caution, and discretion I needed to exercise with this new influx of socialisation.My self-reflection and common sense were thrown out the window. I was unable to take the hint when my macho displays and male pride demonstrations were pointed out to me. “I was already far too caught up in certain bad attitudes that I am now determined to shake free of my being (sic),” read a portion of Vedan’s lengthy apology.

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