Raj Kundra responds to ex-wife Kavita’s allegations, claiming she had an affair with his sister’s husband.

After an old video of businessman Raj Kundra’s first wife Kavita surfaced on the Internet, rumours about actress Shilpa Shetty began to circulate.

In the viral video, Kavitha was seen accusing actress Shilpa Shetty of ruining her marriage and being the cause of her and Raj’s breakup. Raj Kundra has finally spoken out on the matter after a 12-year silence.

Raj Kundra, in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, opened up about his divorce from his first wife, Kavita, and addressed the video of his ex-wife blaming Shilpa Shetty for their divorce, saying, “It’s disheartening that just a few days after my wife’s birthday, 11-year-old news resurfaces, bringing up a half-baked storey and forever attempting to smear us. There is a plan in place. I’ve kept quiet for the past 12 years, but enough is enough.”

Raj responded to the old video going viral after years by saying, “I was furious. She (Shilpa Shetty) said ignore and don’t worry again, but I decided enough was enough… I’m doing this because I believe the truth must finally be told.”

While claiming that his ex-wife Kavita was paid by the media to say certain things, “”She was paid thousands of pounds to do this interview by News of the World to sell a so-called scandalous storey,” Raj Kundra said. During our divorce, she sold her soul; she had to present her bank statements, and it was clearly stated she had been paid by the newspaper to sell a so-called scandalous storey,” and added, “She is blaming a celebrity for her broken marriage when she herself was the reason the marriage broke down.””

Raj told Pinkvilla that his marriage with Kavita ended because she always brought out the worst in him. He claimed she was having an affair with his sister’s husband while they were living in London. “She became increasingly close to my ex-brother-in-law, spending more and more time with him, particularly when I was away on business. Many of my family members, including my driver, would tell me there was something fishy going on between these two, and I would never believe them. I decided to give my ex-wife the benefit of the doubt. I did everything I could for both sides of the family because my family or her family is family to me, a principle I still adhere to today “He stated.

Raj Kundra went on to say that he discovered his wife’s affair after “his sister and her husband moved back to India.” “I remember being heartbroken and crying uncontrollably as I pondered what I had done to deserve this. I called my pregnant sister and told her that the phone number was Kavita’s second secret phone and that I was going to drop her off at her house and that that was the end of my involvement; she could do whatever she wanted “He stated.

Raj claimed he told Kavita about her affair via text message after flying back to the UK after dropping her off at her parents’ house in India following the birth of their baby girl. “That was the last time I left her and my baby; somewhere inside Kavita, she knew something was wrong. It was difficult to say goodbye to my 40-day-old baby.”

“Later, when I met Shilpa through mutual friends and my ex found out about our relationship online, she increased her divorce demands.” She even sold a storey to a UK tabloid for tens of thousands of pounds claiming Shilpa ruined her marriage to the press. Kavita requested that I stay away from our baby as part of the divorce agreement, which was worth crores, and that my daughter know where to find me if I was needed. I agree that it was unfair to the child, but whenever we met, we fought like cats and dogs because she brought out the worst in me, and we both agreed that our daughter didn’t need to see this side of us both.

I knew she was financially secure, but I miss my daughter, and I’m sure she doesn’t know half of the storey; who knows what my ex-wife has fed her mind. I tried several times to contact my daughter, but no one was willing to connect me. “I should have tried harder, but I guess I just moved on with my life in a new country,” Raj Kundra explained.

He stated that he has lost contact with his ex-wife. Because his sister was also involved in the situation, he decided not to tell the media about Kavita’s affair when she first gave the interview. Shilpa, he claimed, agreed with his decision. “Shilpa took it hard, and I know how upset she was, but she also understood the situation I was in. She was a huge help to me during this difficult time in my life. She has and continues to bring out the best in me. I thank God for such a wonderful wife. I must have done some good Karma because I went from a toxic relationship to finding my faithful soul mate “He was speaking about Shilpa.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Kavita stated, “When I see pictures of them together, I think to myself, “She’s with my husband, she’s living my life.” While I was trying to mend our marriage, he was constantly mentioning Shilpa, as if it didn’t matter what happened to us because he had found someone better, smarter, and more famous than me. Now he’s started hounding me for a divorce. I asked if he had any plans to marry someone else, but he dodged the question.”

In 2006, Raj Kundra and Kavita divorced. In 2009, Raj married Shilpa Shetty, who recently celebrated her 46th birthday. They have a son, Viaah Raj, and a daughter, Samisha Shetty Kundra.

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