Vedan’s Apology note on the Instagram

Ten days after sexual harassment allegations were leveled against Malayalam anti-caste rapper Vedan, he issued a lengthy apology on Instagram. The experiences of women he allegedly harassed were first published on a Facebook page called Women Against Sexual Harassment. Vedan, who had initially reacted differently to the allegations and declared that he would soon reveal the “truth,” later deleted these previous reactions and wrote a lengthy apology.

Vedan wrote in his apology post, “I feel great self-disgust and terrible regret as I reflect on my mistakes with you, my female friends, and partners who came to me in trust and friendship. I completely deserve to be in pain.”

He admitted that he had mishandled his previous posts on the subject. “I offer my heartfelt apologies with all due sincerity and without an iota of pretense,” he wrote in an Instagram post


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