All you need to know about free vaccines for people over the age of 18 starting on Monday.

From Monday onwards, all citizens over the age of 18 will be vaccinated free of charge at the Centre, and appointments are no longer required to take advantage of the service.

  • Free vaccines for all 18+ from Monday: All you need to know
  • From June 21, all citizens, regardless of income, are entitled to free vaccination. Those who can afford it are encouraged to use private hospital vaccination clinics.
  • According to the new vaccine policy, the Centre will procure 75% of the vaccines and distribute them free of charge to the states and union territories.
  • When distributing the vaccine to state governments, the population, Covid-19 caseload, and vaccination wastage will be taken into account.
  • No state government would spend money on vaccines.
  • The private hospitals’ direct procurement of 25% of vaccines will continue. Private hospitals, on the other hand, charge only Rs 150 as a service charge on top of the agreed-upon price of the vaccines.
  • In private hospitals, the vaccine price has been set. Covaxin costs Rs 1,410, Covishield costs Rs 790, and Sputnik V costs Rs 1,145.
  • The Centre would assist in ensuring supply to the private sector and better distribution of vaccines.
  • Though prior Co-Win registration is not required, all vaccinations will be documented on the Co-Win portal. Before getting vaccinated, make sure you’re registered on the site.

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