One dead, five injured in blast at quarry in Kerala’s Thrissur district

On Monday, June 21, a large explosion occurred in a non-operational stone quarry in Kerala’s Thrissur district. One person was killed and five others were injured in the blast. At around 8 p.m., the tragedy occurred at the quarry in Vazhakode, Mullurkara village, Thrissur district. According to accounts, the blast’s tremors could be felt in surrounding homes in the area. Abdul Noushad, the quarry owner’s brother, has been identified as the deceased. Detonators used for granite explosions reportedly went off, causing the catastrophe. The quarry’s owner is among the injured.

The quarry had been closed for almost a year and a half, according to police. Officials are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion at the now-defunct facility. The group of individuals who had gathered at the quarry, including the owner, could have been fishing in the area, according to a police official from the Wadakkanchery police station who talked to the media.

“The explosion occurred in an open area of the quarry. A fishing net was discovered nearby, as well as a tiny pond-like location where the explosion occurred. To learn more, a thorough investigation must be conducted, according to the Wadakkanchery police official. “We don’t know if they came for fishing or something else; we need to learn more before we can make a decision,” the officer stated. The intensity of the explosion is said to have damaged many homes in the area of the quarry.

Residents in the area informed the media that they initially mistook the blast for an earthquake. “Tremors were felt hundreds of kilometres away. Officials ordered the quarry to close. “It should be investigated how such a large bomb occurred at night in a closed quarry,” a local BJP leader told Asianet News.

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