Zodiac signs who are shy and awkward

Some people don’t like to socialise and feel extremely uncomfortable in social situations. They will be feel awkward and uneasy in social situations. They hates being surrounded by a huge group of people. It is mainly because they are introverted, shy. Here we have such zodiac signs.

Zodiac signs who falls for wrong person


This sun sign don’t get attached easily. These people like to be quiet  which makes people call them “socially awkward”. They behave  detached and act distant.


These daydreamers lives in their own world and don’t care if other people consider them as “awkward” or “cranky ” because they are too occupied with their own thoughts and their own world.


Capricorns like to be alone and distant. They hates mingling with others and enjoys isolation, lost in thoughts. They are scared of people judging them .

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