Slapping your forehead to fulfil the 10 second rule: 5 KOREAN beauty secrets you must learn

We’re not shocked that Korean skincare is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people in our country are converting to Korean skincare routines and raving about the results. There are people who can afford to devote their time and money in purchasing an excessive number of skincare products, but if you want to keep things simple yet effective, you’re in for a treat. Begin by incorporating these Korean skincare practises into your routine, and you’ll be on your way to having beautiful skin.

Follow the 10-second rule

What we mean by this is that you should use your products as soon as feasible. After taking a shower, apply your toner within 10 seconds. The longer you wait, the drier your skin becomes. As a result, you must seal in the moisture as soon as feasible. If you’re at the gym and don’t have a toner, apply moisturiser within 10 seconds of taking a brief shower.

Carry your sheet mask to the gym

Cotton sheet masks are the most popular Korean beauty trend right now. There are numerous alternatives available, including moisturising, exfoliating, and whitening the skin. Bring your sheet mask to the steam room at the gym or spa to get the most out of it. Once your pores are open, your sheet mask will aid in sealing in moisture.

Indulge in face massage

Face massaging is a regular ritual for Koreans. You can utilise a variety of massage techniques, but here’s the gist: Massage the muscles and tissues beneath your skin with your knuckles or fingertips. This stimulates blood circulation and allows oxygen to flow through your face. This maintains your skin looking healthy and radiant. Massaging your face on a daily basis helps battle wrinkles and keeps your skin from ageing.

Don’t wash your face just once

It is critical to cleanse twice. It is so important to Koreans that no one ever cleanses their face just once. To thoroughly cleanse your skin, you must first remove your make-up and then wash it with a second substance.

Slap your face

Yes, this is already insane! However, it is a fairly popular practise in Korea. After concluding their daily skincare routine, Korean women slap their faces at least 50 times to stimulate blood circulation. It also firms up the muscles in the face. It may seem counterintuitive, but when it comes to slapping, the more, the merrier, and the rougher, the better.

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