After the police uncover that Reshma’s Facebook buddy Ananthu was a fictional figure, she breaks down.

Kollam: Reshma, a 22-year-old woman in custody for abandoning her baby in a garbage heap hidden in dry leaves at Kalluvathukkal village in Kollam, was questioned by police again on Thursday in jail.

Reshma refused to believe police when they told her that two of her Facebook friends, who are her relatives, had played a prank on her. However, when the police presented proof and explained the prank to Reshma, she accepted it and sobbed inconsolably.

I only had Ananthu as a friend, and I had gone to see him in Varkala. I couldn’t meet him on that particular day. Reshma surmised that the prank had been played on her. She claimed Greeshma must dislike her and thus played the prank. The fact that I was pregnant was not revealed in my conversation with my boyfriend, she explained. Reshma appears to be adamant about her boyfriend, whom she met on social media.

In an unusual turn of events, the two women, Arya and Greeshma, allegedly committed suicide by jumping into a river the day after they were summoned.

The police had summoned two of Reshma’s relatives for questioning: her sister-in-law Arya and niece Greeshma. Reshma had been summoned by police because she was using a mobile SIM card in Arya’s name to operate her Facebook account.

During her interrogation, Reshma told police that she abandoned her newborn in order to elope with a man she met on Facebook but never met in person. She admitted to abandoning the baby in order to elope with her lover.

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