Amazon India has opened two all-female delivery stations in Kerala.

Thiruvananthapuram: Amazon India today announced the opening of two all-women delivery stations in Kerala, as part of its commitment to providing women with job opportunities.

These stations are located in the towns of Aranmula (Pathanamthitta district) and Kodungallur (Thrissur district) and are operated by Delivery Service Partners (DSPs), who employ over 50 women in the region.

According to an official statement, the launch of these all-women delivery stations complements Amazon India’s efforts to increase opportunities for women in the logistics sector while strengthening its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) commitment.

According to the company, it already has two all-women delivery stations in Chennai and Kadi, Gujarat.

Amazon India partners with Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) to deliver packages to Amazon customers through the DSP programme.

This programme is many partners’ first foray into entrepreneurship.

They use their local knowledge of the community, as well as Amazon India’s technological support, to fulfil delivery promises to customers, according to the company.

The opening of these stations in these towns not only allows Amazon India to expand its reach to customers in and around these towns, but it also provides opportunities for growth and employment for DSPs and the associates they hire.

The statement stated that these stations are entirely managed and run by women in managerial and delivery associate roles, and that all associates receive training in areas such as customer service, handling packages, technology, and safety.

The company has implemented several measures to ensure a safe workplace for women, including raising awareness and developing various feedback mechanisms, as well as establishing a dedicated helpline number for associates to dial in for any support or assistance needed during the day.

Prakash Rochlani, Director, Last Mile Operations, Amazon India, said at the launch of these stations, “We have thousands of women who are playing important roles in our operations network and thriving in their professional lives with Amazon.”

The opening of these two all-women delivery stations in Kerala is an extension of our ongoing efforts to provide women with safe and fulfilling opportunities, and we remain committed to financially uplifting them.”

Maya Vinod, a woman delivery associate from Aranmula’s all-women delivery station, says her job as a delivery associate has given her financial independence.

“I am grateful to be able to set an example for other women and demonstrate to them that they, too, can achieve their goals,” she said.

In addition to all-women delivery stations, the company has transgender-run and managed centres, as well as silent delivery stations in Mumbai that have provided opportunities to those with hearing impairments.

Amazon India has also created opportunities for military veterans across its operations network, allowing them to pursue fulfilling alternate career paths.

According to the company statement, the company is continuing to build an inclusive workforce and is focused on ensuring that diverse employee cohorts are not only represented in the workforce but also have mechanisms that allow them to thrive.

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