The government will reduce warehouse taxes, and bars will be able to sell alcohol again starting today.

Thiruvanthapuram: Liquor sales at state bars will resume on Friday. The decision was made after the government notified the company that the warehouse margin would be reduced from 25% to 13%.

In a discussion with bar owners, the government decided to reduce the margin.

During the epidemic, the High Court criticised the large lines in front of beverage stores.

As a result, the government decided to take measures to restore the supply of booze in bars.

The government had previously boosted the warehousing profit from 8% to 25%. Following this, bar owners chose to close their establishments in protest of the move.

Bar proprietors eventually opted to sell beer and wine. They did, however, take a firm stance, stating that booze sales would not be restored.

The bar owners sought that the warehouse tax be reduced to 8%, but the government agreed to reduce the tax to 13%. Following that, the bar owners and the authorities came to an agreement.

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