The Saryu river near Ayodhya drowned 12 members of a family, prompting a rescue operation.

On Friday, July 9, near Guptar Ghat in Ayodhya, as many as 12 members of a family reportedly perished while bathing in the Saryu river. The people slipped into deep water, according to the local authorities, and were carried away by powerful river currents. Divers are on the scene, according to the police, performing rescue work.

A search and rescue operation is still on, with officials claiming to have saved six family members, found the bodies of another six, and are looking for three more who have vanished.

Fifteen members of an Agra family were visiting Ayodhya Dham when tragedy struck while they were taking a dip in the Saryu river at Guptar Ghat. Twelve people drowned in the river, including women and children.

The disaster occurred while the family was taking a bath at Guptar Ghat’s far end. After slipping, 12 people descended into Saryu’s depths.

After receiving information about the event, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed senior officials to rush to the scene and rescue the people as quickly as possible. At Guptar Ghat, there is a large police presence, and the NDRF unit can be summoned if necessary.

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