Weekends will remain the same despite the continuation of triple lockdown in high TPR areas.

Thiruvananthapuram: The latest set of graded restrictions, announced for areas under the jurisdiction of local self-government bodies in Kerala based on the Total Positivity Rate (TPR) obtained after COVID-19 disease tests, went into effect on Thursday. Stringent restrictions on public activities would be maintained in areas with a TPR of more than 15%, and a complete lockdown would be implemented this weekend as well.

Local governments with a TPR of 0 to 5% are classified as A, those with a TPR of 5-10% are classified as B, those with a TPR of 10-15% are classified as C, and those with a TPR of more than 15% are classified as D.

Normal activities will be permitted in “A” category zones; partial lockdown will be implemented in “B” zones, lockdown in “C” category zones, and triple lockdown in “D” category zones.

Total lockdown
As has been the case for the past few weekends, a complete lockdown will be in effect this weekend, July 10 and 11.
Exams scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, however, will not be affected by the weekend lockdown.

There will be no private bus service. The KSRTC will provide skeletal services to people working in the essential services sector. Those in the construction industry would be allowed to work. They should, however, report their activities to the nearest police station.

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